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Let’s Get Started Creating Your Custom T-Shirt Designs!

Select ‘Create T-shirt’ from our menu.  Choose your preferred style - either Willow or Maple Fit.  For size charts and to see our tees on trees (um, models), visit our style and sizing page, here.

Start Creating With Our Online Designer:

Once you’ve chosen your t-shirt (canvas), you’ll be taken to our Online Designer. This is where you get to be your own artist.  If you're uploading your own design, make sure it's crisp! :)  PNG (300dpi), EPS or Vector PDF are the best print files for us, but you can upload high quality JPG's too.  To learn about colour, see  the 'Printing Colour' section below.

On the left side of the designer window, you’ll find all your product info. This is where you’ll select the size, colour and quantity of garments you want to print.  There is no minimum or maximum order.  This is also where formatting happens i.e. resizing, centering of image/text etc.

At the top of the designer window, you’ll find buttons to add custom text, upload a design or create team names. Here you can select from a variety of font styles and colours, choose to use a design from our library, or upload your own.  Using your cursor, drag and position the text and images wherever you like. We clearly outline the printable boundaries of the t-shirt so you don’t end up placing anything too close to the edge.  Take as much or as little time as you want to explore the design possibilities.

Printing Colour


RGB is best for artwork created to be viewed on screens, as it manages color the same way screens do; by seeing each color as a unique combination of red, green, and blue.

CMYK is the best option for artwork destined for print. This sees each color as a mix of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, matching the four ink colors used by most commercial printers.

By choosing the color space best suited to your artwork destination, you will get the most vivid and accurate colors possible.

If you would like the colours on your t-shirt to near-match the colours of your design, you will need to work in CMYK mode when producing your artwork.   This will mean you will not be disappointed if the colours don’t come out how you were expecting, especially with bright greens and oranges.  In Photoshop or Illustrator you can set up your project using a CMYK colour profile which stops your computer from showing you colours that aren’t achievable in print.  Or, if you're using an app like Procreate - you can choose a canvas that is solely dedicated to the CMYK print spectrum!  Yay!  This is something we at teehuggers have been dreaming about for years! :) 

But if you're not overly concerned about the colours of your t-shirt near-matching the colours of your design, you won't need to worry the difference between CMYK and RGB :).


Complete Your Order:

Please double check your design for spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors - once your order is submitted, processing begins! :)  

When you’re all set, simply click the ‘Buy’ button, and your finished custom t-shirt design will go to print. Once we’re done, we’ll ship your t-shirt straight to your door, in a "I'm a real dirtbag" compostable package.

Got a holiday or birthday coming up? A custom t-shirt design is also an excellent gifting option!

Don’t keep your ideas, passions, quotes or favourite photos to yourself!  We want to help you make your custom t-shirt designs a reality. Let’s get started by clicking the palette below! :)


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